Groundwerx- DT San Jose Ambassadors

If you have visited DT in last few years, you may have noticed men and women in green, on Segways or steam cleaning sidewalks.

Groundwerx worker steam cleaning the sidewalk

These people are part of Groundwerx, a company contracted by the City of San Jose to help spruce up DT, keep it clean, and be of service to those who need a little help or are visiting for the first time. They provide help in many ways from giving directions, to pointing out different museums or restaurants, to helping people to the car at night. They also clean up graffiti, steam clean the sidewalks, power wash buildings and sidewalks, and keep their eyes and ears open to the goings on in DT. Their ultimate goal is to keep DT friendly and make it a welcoming place for people to come and enjoy themselves.
This partnership has been a good thing for downtown. After being in San Francisco and other large cities, coming home to see the cleanliness of San Jose’s DT is impressive. There is minimal litter, the sidewalks are missing that trademark dirt coating, and graffiti is very few and far between. It is also nice to see the clean up in action and know that the city is taking steps to keep its DT presentable. Groundwerx contract has been renewed through the end of the year and I hope it is renewed again for next year.
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2 Responses to Groundwerx- DT San Jose Ambassadors

  1. Mark says:

    I forgot to mention there is an app now available for smart phones which allows people to report graffiti. Just search for groundwerx in the app store.

  2. Jon says:

    When I lived downtown they would powerwash the sidewalks or do other noisy maintanence outside of my building in the weeeee hours of the morning, VERY ANNOYING with my single pane windows. The results are nice but their consideration for downtown residents can use some work.