Exciting news, SJSV Tours begins in San Jose

I was contacted recently by the owner of a new tour company to San Jose and the Silicon Valley. Shawn Hartung saw a void in the tourism market and with her business partners decided to fill it. SJSV Tours is the only narrated bus tour in the South Bay. They offer two tours: one is a three and half hour historic tour of San Jose, and the other is a six hour tour of the Silicon Valley including seeing famous companies like Google, museums, and other landmarks. They also offer tours that can be custom to the customers desires.
SJSV Tours is giant step in the San Jose tourism market. These tours will allow not only visitors but also residents to learn more about this great city. Even after living here for nearly three decades I am still finding new places of interest as well as learning unique stories of San Jose’s past. I can’t wait to take a tour and see something new. Please support our small businesses and give SJSV Tours your business! To book a http://www.sjsvtours.com/.

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4 Responses to Exciting news, SJSV Tours begins in San Jose

  1. Nam Turk says:

    Bizarrely revolutionary for this region, but it’s a step in the right direction. People outside of central SJ may actually focus on creating a place in which to live instead of merely living in some place.

  2. That is frickin awesome!!!

  3. Mark says:

    UPDATE: SJSV Tours will offer two tours daily. The San Jose tour is $79 and the Silicon Valley tour is $99. They encourage advanced registration since they need a minimum riders to run the tour. They are looking to start at the end of September, and will have logos on their buses so everyone will know one when they see it driving around.