Delmas Park Neighborhood could disappear if A’s stadium and surrounding development goes through

I was talking with a friend who lives in the historic Delmas Park Neighborhood just south of the Shark Tank and west of 87. He brought to light the fact that many people are unaware that with the new A’s stadium and surrounding development, the Delmas Park Neighborhood could disappear completely.

Patty's Inn on Montegomery St.

The stadium itself would sit just west of the homes in Delmas, but would force Patty’s Inn, a sports bar on Montgomery St. which opened with the end of Prohibition in 1932, to close and the building be destroyed. Poor House Bistro and the house it currently occupies would also be in the the footprint of the new stadium.

But the Delmas neighbors are more afraid that the surrounding future developments would have the same carefree attitude and that the city of San Jose would take eminent domain of their properties, eventually forcing them out.

The Owen House built in 1868

And since the developers are looking to keep costs down, instead of attempting to save some of the historic homes (some built in the 1880′s like the Owens house) by helping to move them elsewhere, they will instead just tear them down. This neighborhood has maintained a voice and attended every meeting that has concerned the stadium since day one.

The disregard for history and the value these houses have to residents of San Jose, has been a common travesty in the development of San Jose. It seems that over the decades proposals have gotten pushed through for the sake of developing and the consequences have been that San Jose’s downtown is lacking a true historic district. There are some historic buildings, but looking back at the pictures of San Jose around 1900 and you begin to realize the true devastation that developers have made on the city’s architectural history. We need to maintain a voice in securing our architectural heritage. I’m not against this development but I think there needs to be precautions taken to ensure the safety and relocation of these homes.

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