South 5th st. water tower art

S. 5th St. water tower

There’s a water tower on S.5th St. that can be seen from 280, 87, and even the 101/280 interchange. It was once part of the American Canning company and the agricultural history of San Jose. Currently its painted plan white, but it could be made into a great piece of art. My suggestion is use the Libby water tower in Sunnyvale as inspiration and paint the water tower. This was also down to the Del Monte tower when the re-developers built residential units on the old canning property.

Libby water tower in Sunnyvale

But the 5th st tower should be different in that it should be made into a mural of San Jose’s transition from its agricultural roots to its current technological foundation. It should also have “San Jose” in large letters. There should be bids by local artists only to continue to promote local art and the SOFA district. This could be a simple yet effective project that would add character and help improve a plain water tower.

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6 Responses to South 5th st. water tower art

  1. Jay says:

    I live in that area and that is a great idea for the water tower, I think it would be a great statement for the neighborhood. Does anyone know what is actually in the building? I have always thought it would be cool to make that building into something productive like restaurant, bar or something like that.

    • Mark says:

      There are a couple businesses in it. A garage door place, a martial arts studio, and I think a music teacher. I live in the area too and can actually see the water tower from my house!

  2. Rita Torres says:

    The Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Action Coalition had it’s sights on the American Can Company water tower for a public art project since 2008. The property owner would not give permission for the project. So it sits as a blank slate. The water tower is protected from demolition by State legislation. Too bad it couldn’t be made into a beautiful piece of art. It would make a centerpiece for the Martha Gardens area of Spartan Keyes.

    • Mark says:

      Well the good thing is that it won’t be demolished, although I can’t understand why the current owner would OK a public art piece that would improve is property and the neighborhood.

  3. Rick says:

    Well,I saw the 5th street water tower today…and after a closer look…it looks great…it’s been restored to like new 1956 vintage. The copper bell bottom is beautiful. It has a vintage antique feel for sure!
    Nice job on the preservation, San Jose.


    • Rick says:

      Ooops..I meant the Del Monte water tower (looks great). My mistake… not the 5th st. tower..Please edit my response..Thanks