Photo Update: Casino Matrix

Here’s a picture I took yesterday afternoon. I believe that the tower is at 7 stories, and its proposed for 8.

Casino Matrix 06/21/11

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8 Responses to Photo Update: Casino Matrix

  1. Anita Muscarello says:

    I would like to get information on jobs for this new casino. Thank you

  2. catherine says:

    excuse my stupidity and I have not been living under a rock, but an 8 story casino in downtown san jose? is this serious?

  3. Arnold says:

    Catherine… it’s an 8 story hotel.. and the casino is attached to it on the bottom

    • Mark says:

      Actually that is incorrect. In this first phase, the 8 story tower will hold a high roller floor, but the rest will be office space and meeting/convention space that can be rented out. The hotel will be in the second phase and may be as tall as 25 stories.

  4. James says:

    Las Vegas style casino. I can dig it.