Netflix might be looking to settle in a new city

Saw this article in the San Jose Business Journal. Apparently, Netflix is having difficulties with the town of Los Gatos on a new proposal for its expanded headquarters.

Check it out at:

The San Jose Business Journal

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6 Responses to Netflix might be looking to settle in a new city

  1. jon says:

    so where is san jose in this? why aren’t our city leaders aggressively courting netflix to move downtown? baffles me.

  2. Art says:

    Is there even a building downtown big enough for them? If not, the city should give them– yes, give them!– a chunk of land for them to build a new HQ.

    • Mark says:

      Actually the second Riverpark Tower on the corner of Park and Woz, is completely empty and would be plenty big enough!

  3. Mark says:

    I have already emailed Sam Liccardo the councilman for District 3 about getting Netflix to downtown, but here is his email for those of you who want to get your voice in the discussion… Also I am planning on sending an email to Netflix encouraging them to look to San Jose.

  4. Victor says:

    Thanks for posting Sam’s email address. I just sent him a note regarding Netflix. These are the types of co’s the San Jose needs downtown to really springboard growth. You land a giant like Netflix and suddenly a good portion of the residential high rises are full. Does the city have staff that goes out and recruits companies to the area?