What happens if the A’s don’t move to San Jose?

Artist's rendering of the proposed A's stadium

There’s been a lot of articles, blog posts, and general excitement around the South Bay, about the attempt by the city of San Jose to make land available for the A’s to move down south and build a stadium. The redevelopment agency and the city have worked hand in hand for years, dealing property and money to obtain the land for proposed stadium south of the Shark Tank. But now with the wait becoming arduous and no definitive answer from the commissioner of MLB, what will happen to all that land, if this whole thing results in the A’s not moving to San Jose?

A map of the proposed development to the Diridon area

The general plan for the Diridon area, has highrises with ground floor retail including, bars, movie theaters, and shopping within walking distance of the Diridon Station, replacing the current light industrial. This is significant because IF high-speed rail were to be built and WHEN BART comes to the South Bay, the Diridon Station would become the major transportation hub of the South Bay. All that being said, the proposed ballpark is a major factor in this overhaul, so what would the city propose to replace it, if the deal fell through? My guess is more of highrises with ground floor retail. San Jose would be a fantastic place for the A’s, I just hope it happens so that the city won’t have to make tough decisions about what to do with all that land. My only suggestion would to try and incorporate it into the Guadalupe River Park and trails in some way, but I dunno if that is the best use for the land.

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5 Responses to What happens if the A’s don’t move to San Jose?

  1. Jon says:

    If the A’s don’t come I wouldn’t mind a nice stadium for the San Jose Giants. Sacramento and Stockton both have pretty nice places and they are great places to hang out on nice summer evenings. You could also have concerts at the stadium, movie nights, firework fridays (unless that’s an issue with the airport), and important high school, SJSU and Santa Clara games.

  2. Nam Turk says:

    If the A’s don’t come, it’s because they can’t. They can’t because of the Giants. Why reward that organization with a new venue for their minor league branch, which is really just a tool for pandering to the South Bay?

  3. Jon says:

    While true, I feel that SJ needs to be prepared to support whatever decision MLB makes. While we would love the A’s, it may just be that MLB will say that SJ is Giants territory and that means the SJ Giants are our team. Why be bitter and turn your back on a project that could be scaled back and still be a big benefit to the city? It goes against human nature (especially mine as a lifelong A’s fan!) but it might be the right thing for the city.

    Can anyone think of a project other than the A’s or SJ Giants that could take the place of the ballpark, use the land that the city has been able to secure, provide a reason to spend time in the area (besides the Tank) and anchor a retail and residential redevelopment of the area?

  4. jon says:

    i wish the city (government, residents, etc.) would discuss this in more realistic terms. highrises and retail? half of downtown is vacant. focus on the core.