Current projects under construction in San Jose

There are a two projects currently under construction in San Jose. The first project is the highrise on North 4th st. at the 101/880 junction. The builder First Community Housing is creating a nine story mixed use apartment building with retail on the bottom and facility for special needs individuals and affordable housing units on the other floors. It includes a seven story terrace and a living roof. The iron work frame is complete and the siding is up on the first few stories.

Artist rendering of the First Community Housing on 4th St.

First Community Housing

The second is Casino Matrix, on the corner of Airport Parkway and Old Bayshore Highway. This $100 million project is the current card club Garden City Casino which is at the corner of Saratoga Ave and Stevens Creek Blvd. This marks the second card club in the Airport/North San Jose area along with Bay 101 Casino. Casino Matrix has plans to build a casino, hotel tower, concert hall, and celebrity chef restaurant. The owners want this casino to have a resort feel, like those in Las Vegas, though the work will be completed in stages starting with the casino first. Iron work has begun on the tower section and is up to three stories. It is supposed to open December 31, 2011.

Artist rendering of Casino Matrix

Santa Cruz

The N. 4th st project has a very bland design and is reminiscent of a Barry Swenson building (meaning boring). But it does have some Green features and it is an affordable housing project with each resident receiving a yearly Ecopass. Its also a project that is under construction which is further than most others in San Jose right now. The Casino Matrix project is a great addition to the SJC Airport area. Although San Jose hotel occupancy in the airport area is not currently at capacity, a resort style hotel five minutes from the airport, gives San Jose a broader touristic potential. Hopefully these two projects are just the beginning of a new wave of highrise construction projects in San Jose.

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8 Responses to Current projects under construction in San Jose

  1. kevin says:

    I think it’s worth calling out that the N 4th st project is an affordable housing development by First Community. They do good work overall, like on Gish and at Westgate.

    While I agree it’s not particularly eye-catching, it’s certainly not awful, and I think it’s absolutely worth commending as an affordable high-rise (whose construction costs are well above your standard stick-built walk up).

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for the link!! I was looking for that website for a couple days but I just couldn’t find it. I had forgotten about the affordable housing, and must tip my hat to the builders on that. Thanks again, I’ll update the post.

  2. Jon says:

    There is also a project under way on Race Street near Parkmoor. Any insight on that location?

    • Mark says:

      Yea I saw that the other day, but I have no information on it at the moment, but as soon as I do I will update the post.

      • Jon says:

        I believe it is phase 2 of the “Elements” project.

        On another note. I would love to know what the plans are for the lots in japantown (my neighborhood). There is the big rectangle one between 6th and 7th and jackson and taylor and the triangle piece between 7th and the railroad tracks directly across from the other lot.

        Anyone have any ideas? A project involving a safeway or whole food would be sweeeeeet.

        • Mark says:

          Thanks for the update. I will look into Japantown development, thanks!

        • Art says:

          This was actually supposed to be a pretty cool project by a Portland-based firm. In included a tower (~15 stories) but mostly mid-rise apartments. I also recall a lot of community space on the ground floor. Unfortunately the economy tanked and the firm withdrew the plans. But from what I remember it was an awesome project.

  3. Mark says:

    UPDATE 06/20/11 There is a new sign on the Casino Matrix property stating opening is set for Spring 2012, so they must have given up on the original New Year’s Eve completion date.